Equifax Data Breach

Media attention on this breach has shed little details as to exactly how this occurred or what we as consumers can learn from this. It is important to keep aware that data breaches such as this occur, and it is important to protect yourself from Identity Theft. The following things can prove helpful in these situations:

  • If you do not plan on applying for credit anytime soon, consider freezing your credit information. This provides the most protection but it can create difficulty should you decide to apply for credit again. You will also see some problems arise when systems check your identity using your credit bureau information. For more information on how to freeze your credit, contact each credit bureau to request the freeze.
  • If you plan on applying for credit in the near future, you may still want to freeze your credit.¬†You will need a few days notice and a PIN to thaw your credit, allowing your application to proceed as normal with any bank your apply with. When requesting such a freeze, information on how to thaw your credit will be provided.
  • If you do not want the hassle of freezing your credit, consider an Credit Monitoring Service. Bank of the Southwest does not offer such a service, but Equifax is offering one for free if you sign up for it before November 21, 2017. There are also many competitive solutions available to the Equifax product.

Bank of the Southwest is presently monitoring the news media and will update this page if necessary. No insider information has been made available to us at this time.