True Checking

In order for this checking account to reward you with one of the highest interest rates around on checking accounts, we ask that you be mindful of how you use our services. You must meet these requirements to earn the higher interest rate on your account:
  • Enroll in E-Statements. Saves a tree for the environment and it canít get lost or stolen.
  • Write five or less checks per month. While checks will never go away, they are becoming harder to use. And at five checks per month, you can still write a check if you need to.
  • Use your debit card as a credit transaction at least fifteen times per month. That comes out to once every other day. And at $0 fraud liability, itís the safest way to shop. *
  • Perform at least one of the following: Get your direct deposit here, use our bill pay system to pay a bill, or pay a company electronically.


Thatís it! Here is our commitment to you:


  • We will constantly evaluate the market to ensure we have the best interest rate around.
  • We understand we canít be everywhere, so we will allow you to withdraw money from up to three ATMs not owned by us each month. And you donít need to show us anything to get your refund; it will happen automatically.
  • No service charges will be placed on this account if you do not meet these conditions. You will simply get the base interest rate.



  • APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield.
  • Customers must meet all stipulations to receive the higher interest rate. Otherwise they will receive .10% APY
  • All interest rates are at the discretion of Bank of the Southwest and are subject to change.
  • The percentage rate becomes effective the day of account opening.
  • To receive the higher interest you must keep between $.01- $25,000. Any excess amount above $25,000 will receive .10% APY.
  • Minimum balance to open account is $100
  • Any overdraft of your account will immediately disqualify you from receiving the premium APY for that month. * $0 fraud liability is serviced and offered through MasterCard Corporation and is thus subject to the rules and policies of MasterCard Corporation.